2 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

Are politicians NOT allowed to be GAY?!?

This question flashes through my mind when I read and also reported the story of William Hague today. Foreign Secretary of United Kingdom is snowed under allegations such as he is in a relationship with his aide. He shared the hotel room with him in abroad... he... blah blah blah...
I understand that he is a married man with no kids. And he has a very decent position in the Commons. But he has RIGHT to be a gay!? No? As well as he has RIGHT not to disclose it so far!? No? Why?

Why gayness is acceptable when Ricky Martin poses next to his boyfriend? Or Lady Gaga sings about her muffin in her songs? But when it comes to certain job titles it is NOT acceptable at all? Is politics something meant to be masculine? And gayness ruins this "FATHER" image? Well... I'm speechless about the country I live in honestly. I thought my country, Turkey has some stereotypes like that. It is simply because we are male-dominant society and the state is a "father" figure. The father rules the motherland in my country. Gays are usually among the artists, media industry and so. Gayness is pronounced as a swear word that we call the refree in football matches who is believed to make biased decisions. It represents a type of character which means HYPOCRISY!!! NOThing to do with sexuality.

But here in the UK, sexuality can be expressed freely (at least as far as I'm aware of). So why is this pressure on politicians? A gay cannot rule a state? What is the reason behind this? Is this because of Conservatives are in power? And they represent the values and traditions? Just like spending scandal came to light when the Labour were in power?

Well... Even where I work there are more gays then straight guys! I do not hesitate to write this because they are all express gays except one of them.

Mr Hague is married and have a lovely wife, please do not let anyone disturb him any more. He may or may not be a gay or may be bisexual, it is his privacy. Even though there is no such thing as a bisexual. Scientists say that bisexuals are on their way to gayness. But anyway, this will be a topic for another writing. What I was saying?

Hmm... So gays are everywhere, deal with it!

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