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When you get pregnant others around you give birth

Biggest paradox of modern age for women is whether to be a full time mother or a professional. In theory it seems like you can`t be both but in practice modern times requires you to be both. However here indicates even a bigger paradox: Modern age requires women to have both career and a baby it also makes every move to stop you to achieve this! you wonder how? Read this then...
This article will thoroughly not list the hard work of working mothers or legal obstacles of going back to work after maternity leave etc. This is all about the psychological war you will face against you as a pregnant woman.

Once you get pregnant others around you give birth! This is the moment they can disclose their competitive ideas against you, time to give birth after 9 months of development of them inside their sick brains. Except for close sincere friends most people would want you to be miserable. Because misery loves company. (Check this article for the term: http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200303/misery-loves-company)
People think that pregnancy gives women a weakness both physically and emotionally. A pregnant woman is a mother-to-be and she is in the brink of ending her career. By the help of her colleagues she will make this metamorphic decision easier. They actually help you to bring up healthier generations(!) It`s just the pregnant woman taking this negatively and personally.

First step in this psychological bitchy war begins with rhetoric questions which aim to remind you how big the mess is you are facing in few months time like :

"Oh darling you will be a mother soon. What a huge responsibility!" (Oh thank you I didn`t know this before)

"Sweetheart do you know who will look after the baby when you`re back to work? Kids brought up by grandmothers become very spoilt. Kindergartens twist kid`s psychology you know..."

(Oh you`re right I never thought of this since I`m an idiot otherwise I wouldn`t have a baby, would I? Let me leave my job and be a good mother so that you can get rid of me on your shitty career path!)

And this follows some physical-related statements like:

"I can see your belly" (Ohh good that you are not short-sighted then!?)

"You must be very tired. You look very tired" (Actually I`m less tired than your sick brain and I`m full boosted by oestrogen!)
If you didn`t put on much weight then they start to blame you not eating enough. It`s not worrying about your health it is actually their envy to your Barbie look did not go away yet and this gets on people`s nerves.

These are few examples of dialogues which are a bit caricaturized to put you off from life as a working-mother-to-be.
I have some advice for preggy ladies: Pregnancy is not a disorder. It`s a natural state of mind and body and part of our being as a woman! Do not believe in women who say they don`t want to be a mother. They are either infertile or they haven`t found the right father for their kids yet. It`s their defence mechanism makes them to speak like this.
Working full time for a mother is the part of humans social evolution in the 21st century. So the ones who can achieve both who are clever enough to take advantage of the conditions to achieve this they will prove world that nothing can be more powerful than a mother!

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