25 Ağustos 2010 Çarşamba

How to Live Your Life to the Fullest?

We are clueless about how long we will live in this world. The question is "Does it really matter how long? Or how good? How happily we live our lives?"

Time is priceless, not to steal your time here is a little test for you to check if you need to read this article till the end. If you say YES to at least one of them YES you need to read this:

- Are you watching your clock during the day?
- Do you feel exhausted, helpless, frustrated when you hear your alarm goes off in mornings?
- You don't have energy to do simple things like laundry, feeding yourself, ironing, doing your hair etc?
- You think today is a very similar day to yesterday?
- You don't feel like picking up your phone most of the time?
- Is your skin looking dull and pale?

Well if so you DO NOT enjoy your life!
Here are some tips:

- Love your job, or love someone from work this will keep you going until Friday.

- Always plan something for weekends.

- Do not stay too long in one city, plan trips- long or short trips, just TRAVEL!

- Try new things. New places mean new faces, listen different types of music, wear different style of clothes, different hair etc.

- Always smile to people whoever they are, whatever happened between you and them in the past!

- Always be the one who says Hi, always be the one who starts the conversation.

- Find a way of expressing yourself, paint, sing, dance, write... If you feel seriosly bad, cry, vomit :)) What I mean is you need to be decharged somehow.

- Whatever your job is watch daily news this will keep your mind updated.

- Always be a student. Learn a new language etc. This will give you a little goal and a challenge in life.

- Love your self, your body.

- Not always but time to time look at old photos.

- Always remember people's birthdays, always use sweet words to other people.

- Try to be away from arrogant people do NOT let them to feed their egos with your energy.

- Eat well, sleep well, dress well. But don't limit yourself, if you think that junk food will make you feel better on that day go ahead!

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