11 Nisan 2010 Pazar

Facebook Embarrassment

Once upon a time, I used to use facebook for my evil plans to check the facebook page of my ex-boyfriend who's younger than me and who were somehow triggering my jealousy in an obsession level. It is time to confess so that it can be inspiring for other obsessed copy cats.

This idea seriously woke up the little devil who has been living inside me, my zombified self! Here is my evil plan:

Firstly, I openned a fake facebook account and put up a sexy (but not porn-like)profile picture of a latina chica. Then I started to add his friends one by one to have friends in common. If I can have friends in common he wouldn't get suspicious about this unknown girl and would add her without hesitation. I joined some groups, night club pages so that more people could add me by the time. I needed my fake account to look as natural as possible. Then, I turned this latina chica to a good-looking hot man's facebook account. I changed the profile picture and name. I put a former Mr.Turkey's pictures (somehow I managed to find his daily pictures not professional ones) and started to send friend requests to his female friends. They were so cool with adding a random guy on facebook though... The plan worked.

Then I turned it to the hot girl's account again (I was in psychosis now with a split personality!) And finally added my dear victim poor boyfriend. Time to lie in ambush :) He then accepted my friend request from this unknown girl who has 18 friends in common! Goddammit! The victory invaded my jealous self!!! He is a bastard adding random hot girls on a social networking site for God knows what!

Well he deleted this fake friend few times by guessing it was me messing with his account afterwards. I promised him not to act like a teenager(!) anymore, apologised him, deleted this account blah blah blah...

As Gaga says: "Trust is like a mirror you can fix it but you can still see the crack on motherfucker reflection!"

Months later on his birthday I wanted to check his wall from my fake account to see if he is hiding anything from me. (I can't even remember the exact reason) Then I left my fake account logged in. Some time later wanted to wish happy birthday to him and wrote a nice poetry on his wall. Two minutes later I noticed that Mr.Turkey with his hot profile picture wrote these birthday wishes on his wall!!! Because I forgot to change the account to mine lol

What the fuck I was going to do now?!? Everything messed up like a spaghetti!!! I deleted them all. And wrote a simple happy birthday message from my own account. But I missed a fact that whatever the hell you write on facebook people receive an email notification.

On next day my man was being so sarcastic about my fake facebook accounts.
He said: "I thought you deleted this stupid account ages ago."

Me: "WHAT?"

He: "I got your birthday wishes thank you"

Me (still resisting): "What are you talking about?"

He smiled then we started to burst out laughing for hours... at the fun, embarrassment, passion, innocence and jealousy of this big hearted little girl living inside me...

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