11 Nisan 2010 Pazar

"you deserve a cookie!"

I'm very good at sucking at speaking English sometimes... Luckily I'm a foreigner so that people in professional environments excuse my innocent comments :)

Here is an example:

Last day I told one of the managers at work "then you deserve a cookie!" to let him try nice candies from France as he told a colleague that the company made profit in the first quarter of the year!!!

People say "good boy, you deserve a cookie" to their dogs or little boys in this country NOT to their bosses!..

However I can interpret stupid things with a massive tolerance as a joke!

My colleague sent me an mail "i love u" in the middle of the day. I thought this was a Brit joke not to take seriously then I replied as "r u sure? i don't support Arsenal!". Well then it turn out to be someone used his account to mess with him. So what am I? Object of all jokes? Obviously, I work in a kindergarden!

Media world is a bit like this, cheesiness can be acceptable to a certain extent. Even sexist comments! An old school Brit journalist was on his way to up North with a freelance cameraman then he turned to me: "I wish you could come with us and I wish I was 20!!"

Such a pervert! I wish I could slap him on the spot but I didn't. He would have died with my Ottoman slap since he is too old...

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Mert Kabadayi dedi ki...

ahah kubra nice blog, i used to tell a girl "do you live alone?". I just wanted to learn whether she lives with her parents or not :)

Sarah House dedi ki...

I miss you!
I have to deal with sexist comments at work too. I have two collegues that always use sexual innuendo with anything anyone says and they talk about having a threesome with me/Esther/Carol....etc.

~Sarah xxx

Sarah House dedi ki...

lol @ Mert! xD

Tamila dedi ki...

Oh, my God :) this is the best blog I have ever ever read :D I have been laughing so much reading it. You must try and become a comedian darling!!! you would earn a lot more than you will in journalism :D :D

melissa dedi ki...

LOL @ threesome.
Well unfortunately sexism is everywhere... we should deal with this.
I miss you badly too xxx

Mert I did a similar gaffe few times :)

melissa dedi ki...

Tami- thank you hun. I might change my career after few more compliments. love you x

Sarah House dedi ki...

keep this blog up, I look forward to more updates! put the link on your facebook profile as well! xxx