8 Mart 2009 Pazar

“The Bournemouth Belle” is coming back

Borough council is working with South West Trains to reintroduce the nostalgic train “The Bournemouth Belle” to all the visitors and holiday makers.
The Bournemouth “Belle” was a famous brand name for a train during the era of steam, similar to the “flying Scotsman”, which is a very famous train in the UK. It was a special luxury train which operated one trip a day each way between London and Bournemouth, and called only at Southampton and Bournemouth Central.
Cllr Robert Lawton says that it is a marketing tool “to encourage people and visitors to Bournemouth for holidays as a name association for a nice holiday destination and increase tourism and improve the local economy.
“A large number of people remember the Bournemouth Belle with affection.”
James Duncan, transportation services manager of Council says that the train had dedicated “Pullman” coaches with a very high standard of seating and catering.
Mr Duncan added, “We would like to revive the ‘Bournemouth Belle’ name, it will be for marketing purposes rather than trying to turn the clock back more than 40 years.”
Roger Batcock, 63, a Bournemouth resident, who remembers the Bournemouth Belle from his childhood, says that this could help tourists and holiday makers to stay at home.
“It might also attract former holiday makers to Bournemouth again which is a good opportunity in the economic downturn.”

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