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Council is giving free food safety training

Bournemouth Borough Council Food Safety Team gives free training to all local food businesses until June.
The Council offered free training to provide better standards of food hygiene in Bournemouth. ‘Safer Food, Better Business’ training is aimed at food businesses including restaurants and takeaways.Yvette Landy, Senior Environmental Health Officer, said that the training will be given in several languages such as Thai, Turkish, Chinese and Bengali because of cosmopolitan nature of food business in town. Landy said: “Businesses will receive a food safety pack, by the Food Standards Agency. We will guide businesses on how to use the pack, making sure they continue to develop their safe food practices and comply with the law.”
Tarek Halabi, the owner of Salsa Restaurant, said that they already had done the course. He continued: “At that time the course wasn’t free. It was an all day session. The Borough Council gives a free training because there are a lot of businesses, particularly catering business, and people working there have no idea about health and safety issues. I believe this course is good for new businesses owners that have not much experience and background in catering.”
The syllabus includes bacteriology, the cause of food poisoning, prevention of food poisoning, personal hygiene, pest control and cleaning.
On completion of the course, candidates will be able to sit the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering Examination.

For further details contact: Public Safety Team on 01202 454876.

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