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Entertainment Review: Manga to Mural

A new exhibition brings Bournemouth a breath of Japanese air with the sketches by John Thomas.
The collection is a fantastic example of Japanese influence in the West in the Victorian era.
The sketches were inspired by the work of some 19th century Japanese artists. The British decorative artist John Thomas was commissioned by Sir Merton and Lady Russell to create the murals for their home which is now the museum. The couple were such lovers of Japanese art that they also employed Thomas to decorate their hotel – The Royal Bath in Japanese style.
Most of the pieces in the exhibition feature birds and wild life. The most exciting image depicts two trees and small groups of birds among the branches dressed in kimonos. The birds with serious facial expressions can`t help make you smile. It also gives the impression that the artist hesitated to draw humans and used birds instead. Actually, during that period (1603-1868, Edo Period) there were restrictions on depicting the human figure in art. So it was common to draw animals dressed in human clothes.
Another image is a plate that depicts a cat attacked by rats. Even though this can upset cat-lovers, it also shows the usage of animals acting like humans, which was popular in that period.
The bird figures on two wooden menu holders which were created by the artist for the Royal Bath Hotel are further delicate examples of Japanese influence.
This glorious exhibition will run until November 1 and admission is free.

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