17 Mart 2009 Salı

The means of communication

The communication has always been the crucial part of mankind’s social life. The means of communication has changed according to the changes in people’s living conditions and all other circumstances such as technological developments.

Throughout history, the technology has had a huge impact on the means of communication. In the past, smoke was used as a means of communication from one mountain to another. Needless to say that only a few simple messages could be sent and received with this primitive method of smoke signals.
Carrier pigeon was another means of communication to send messages further away. The pigeons were trained for this two way communication method of letter carrying. The letter, which was replaced with fax and e-mail consecutively, used to be a common means of communication as well. People needed to send their messages further away and faster as the world population increased and started to be globalised. This period has influenced the methods of communication.

Today, we use telephones, mobiles, text messages, e-mail, internet chat programmes as oral and literal ways of communication. The inventers and producers are aiming to develop faster, cheaper, smaller-sized, multi-tasking gadgets for communication. The communication technology has been changing to match our needs. However, the means of communication also shapes our life styles. Mobiles have been the most important things to carry after the identity card, the keys and the wallet.

And the future? It is not difficult to predict the future of communication. The trend of mobile, multi-tasking, wireless technology seems to continue to improve. HDTV’s, hologramic simulators are the clues for possibility of image transfering or the matter transfering at the speed of light in the future. We will be transfered to communicate our own messages to the other places in an instant one day. Who knows?

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