8 Mart 2009 Pazar

First Economic Overview Panel of 2009 met in Council

Redevelopment of Bournemouth Airport, economic recession and butterfly farm project were some of the subjects discussed in economic overview panel in Council.
This year’s first panels’ agenda was fairly consistent. Sally Windsor, from Bournemouth Airport presented the redevelopment project. She said that the airport is a significant local employer with its 900 employees including direct and indirect jobs.
Chairman Philip Stanley-Watts said: “There will be a mix of job opportunities by improving of catering and shops in the airport.”
Windsor said: “The construction of the airport is just started this week. Departure area will be extending double sized. The arrival area will be totally separate. It is a huge project.”
She said Air France is to be operating for international flights soon. Also, apron is resized and virtually finished for 6 aircraft to park comfortably. A larger welcome sign will be placed in new entrance hall.
Cllr Beesley said next year will be harder for council in terms of budget due to economic recession. Beesley said: “Government grants are lightly reduced to 2010. There maybe further cuts and significant risks in 2009 and 2010. Even more difficult years are over the horizon.”
Cllr Copper gave an update on butterfly farm project and said: “Bournemouth is to be a greener town with butterfly farm.”
Councillors made some suggestions for next meeting’s agenda such as inviting Nigel Hedges, Chamber of trades to comment on local businesses, planning airport packages for 200th birthday of the town and discussing on Bournemouth’s lack of museums.

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