17 Mart 2009 Salı

Slamdog Millionaire and my paranoia

Slamdog Millionaire. I was really touched by this movie and I appreciate its well-deserved success. Even though I can’t stop thinking that it was pointing USA’s new target: India and Pakistan which seem to be “lack of democracy” areas in the film.
My concern is Hollywood and European cinema gave us some clues about foreign policy of the States until now. “Television is the biggest hypnotiser of all ages” just as the cinema could be the biggest propaganda tool ever. Documentaries and films have been used as propaganda tools after war period all over the world. What if they do the same now? What if all those efforts are just to indoctrinate some ideas and images about the Eastern cultures? What if…?
I should stop thinking too much and carry on enjoying the film. Enjoy!

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gameria dedi ki...

of course movies are extremely convincing because they imitate more or less your stream of consciousness and therefore tend to avoid critical reflection.
but do you really think the broad mass learns in the first place the lesson that people are starving there? I think they learn in the first place that there is hope - not through a helping hand from outside but from themeselves.
the film just isn't obviously a lamentation about the (i have to admit) serious circumstances under which people have to live there. i think it's more a confident ode to the fact that even in this "chaos" people are not just can make their way but wonderful things are happening/can happen there.