8 Mart 2009 Pazar

Turkey’s dreamy EU membership

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in Brussels for talks on Turkey’s EU membership, however, Turkish people in Bournemouth are not very excited about it.

Bournemouth’s Turkish resident, Murat Kayik, said that Turkey’s EU membership will happen in next ten years, he doesn’t think it will happen quickly. “Because there is lots of opposition to it. I think Europe has to accept Turkey if they want to keep them on the European side. Turkey has to change lots of things like death penalty, women’s rights. Eventually they will accept within five to ten years.” he said.

Sarah Onur, a half Turkish Bournemouth resident emphasized that most Turkish people in the cities now are very European while in rural areas in the East of Turkey, they are much more religious and want Turkey to remain Turkey. She commented on the government’s controversial politics and said: “It is strange that the government wants to take Turkey to being more Islamic state but then if they want it to be a part of Europe Turkey must stay secular.”

Bournemouth resident and Turkish Bakery Shop’s owner Ibrahim Onur said that Turkey’s EU membership will have an effect on Turkish people who live in abroad. He continued,
“I think it will make it easier to go home if they want to. And lots of Turkish people who come here when they younger and when they get slightly older, people in England have become quite dissatisfied with England now. Turkey is much better now than it was when they left.”


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