8 Mart 2009 Pazar

Pay fine for a fine photograph!

A man who refused to pay fine due to “unrecognizable speed camera photograph” caused a trouble for the Bournemouth Magistrates.
Justin Morris, 36, of Osborne Road Bournemouth, requested a speed camera photograph to pay fine of speeding on the motorway.
Julian Lawrence, prosecuting, said the Magistrates that he refused to pay the fine since he could not recognize the driver in the picture sent to him and pleaded not guilty.
Mr Morris, representing himself said: “I have no problem with paying the fine but I want to make sure who the driver is. That picture in black and white was just awful.”
He then recognized the photograph when the Magistrates showed him the colour version. However, he was already outside the 28 days deadline for payment of.
The case postponed to 31 March due to need for further legal advice by the Bournemouth Magistrates.

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