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Interpreters for Non-English Speakers

The Bournemouth Interpreters' Group enables service providers to locate qualified community interpreters for all non-English speakers of Bournemouth.
Alan Marshall, the manager of the Bournemouth Interpreters' Group, said that their service is accessible to all local communities’ to serve speakers of other languages.
The Bournemouth Interpreters' Group is a not-for-profit organisation and does not function as an agency. “Providers have the contact details of all interpreters on the Register and contact directly with them via website.” Marshall said.
Basically, the most required languages for interpreting are Polish, regarding sizeable Polish community in Bournemouth, Portuguese, Farsi, Arabic, Kurdish, some Chinese and Bengali. The group has registered providers including medical services, educational services, Borough council and police services. It has also translation services for translating documents such as medical records in Chinese.
“If needed somebody there, what happens is local residents if they need to access our service, let’s say Doctor’s surgery, has the duty to find them an interpreter. Doctor’s surgery, as a client, log on to the website to contact the interpreter. And when the non-English speaker patient arrives there is an interpreter waiting in Doctor’s surgery.” said Marshall.
As Marshall said the Bournemouth Interpreters' Group gives service to fifty miles away from Bournemouth and seeks to co-ordinate, administer and distribute a local Interpreters’ Register to public sector and voluntary organisations in the area. Additionally, the group seeks to raise racial and multicultural awareness within the local Community.


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