17 Mart 2009 Salı


Do we benefit from technology or does it lead us to behave in a certain way?
Digital cameras should be counted as the third popular gadget after mobiles and i-pods in this century. Obviously, they added a new habit to our daily life. Thanks to digital cameras our visual mind got coloured with thousands of shots for every single memory.
But nowadays it is getting harder and harder to entertain at parties, night clubs and any occasion. Because majority of people seem like addicted to taking photos of every inch of places and other people. After second pint the only thing in minds to take as many photos as possible and put them on facebook and tag friends one by one the day after.
Apparently, we became addicted to record every moment in our lives. In the past, there were few black and white precious pictures of old days. But now we have chance to delete a shot and take it hundreds of times to get the best one before printing. This strengthens the dominant visual culture.
Magazines have more colourful, bigger, photoshop pictures, online news stories have more video materials, advertising sector is based on visual material more than ever and so on.
Plastic surgery is in its golden age since people are obsessed with their appearance.
Even our descriptive language is getting full of more visual based adjectives.
Children read more pictorial stories instead of bed time stories which were told by parents. Imagination of our kids is forced to draw pictures of stories in a certain way (in a way).
We are surrounded by a visual world. And lost our concentration for having real fun as taking photos...

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